Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gender Identity Issues

Wow. I've been gone a long time--nearly a month.

I have been putting up a six-foot fence and configuring a chicken fortress for the girls. I'll post pictures soon--it is a good thing that chickens are not architecturally critical. If you consider that I could use a hammer, pliers, and screwdriver, and knew the difference between a flat head and Phillips screwdriver, and that was all, it is pretty remarkable that the fence is up.

And has stayed up so far.

Second, I have been writing the dissertation, which is a difficult task. I can respect that; if writing this thing was easy, there would be more Ph.D.s out there.

And, finally, three of the pullets are not girls after all, but are boys. So, we will keep one, but the other two have to go back to the breeded. Of course, we named them. One of the boys, Ollie, appears to have Houdini blood in him. That chicken will be inside the chicken tractor one second and outside it the next, with no feather out of place.

I'll miss him, but as much as he gets out, he would most likely be hurt or lost, so better I lose him to someone else's dinner plate than to lost him to a raccoon's midnight cravings for extra crispy.

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