Monday, June 13, 2011

Pics of peeps and their coop

Well, I finally finished the bulk of the coop. I still have to bury the hardware cloth around the building, but the perimeter is finished. I need to stain the guillotine door. I need to build a little ladder for the girls and Dr. M to get inside. And I need to figure out a lock and latch for the gate. I need to finish laying the floor and build a divider indoors. But for now, the gang can go in and out, and I know they are relatively safe when we are not home.

Here are a couple of the chickens. That is Dr. M, the rooster, in the foreground, and my favorite hen, Martha, with him. Martha is named biblically--she is the one who is eternally working, scratching, digging, and who doesn't sit at the master's feet. In fact, this Martha more or less keeps the master in line. In the background are Edith's chubby chicken thighs. I don't know, but these hens (actually, they are still pullets), because of their appearance, call for old fashioned names. So far, we have Gladys (she talks a lot), Edith, and Martha. The two new girls we picked up yesterday don't have names yet. More on them later.

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