Tuesday, October 11, 2011

TMI and the Single Girl

Not too long ago, I was at the dentist's office with Kiki, and a woman who knows someone I know was there, and she asked me about dating again. Let me be clear: she did not ask me out; she simply mentioned that I would have to think about dating again.

Let me be even more clear: I would rather tear my own leg off and beat myself in the head with it. A lot. First of all, two months is a bit soon for that. Second, the guys who are my age are interested in women in their thirties, and the guys who are ten years older are also interested in women in their thirties. I guess I would have to start cruising the retirement centers to meet someone.

I have too much to process and attend to, so there is no way I want the drama and emotional chaos attached to dating right now.

I was on a widow website tonight, and there was a post by a woman advertising her book which chronicled her love (and love life) with her husband, and then addressed how she met her physical needs once he as gone. Whoa. We are talking waaayyyy too much information, here, not to mention the sheer creepiness of reading soft porn about someone who is dead. The worst part,though, was that the writing was grammatically incorrect and choppy and could have used some serious editorial intervention.

Perhaps the editor could have tossed it into the dumpster.

It was just a thought.


Kimluvswinston said...

Isn't the prospect of dating again (too soon for me, too. Big time. If EVER)---isn't it horrific?
I didn't like dating in my 30s. I suspect I'd like it less in my 50s.

And you're right. Guys our age want someone in their 30s. Guys older than us want someone in their 20s.

Why is it only women know how dumb we look with a younger date? Men seem to have no clue.

Munchkin Mom said...

I, too, hated dating in my thirties, after managing to avoid it in my teens and twenties.

As for how we know, I don't know, but I have a friend who is not yet thirty, and when we go out, people smile at us like, "How sweet. He took his mom to lunch." I certainly don't interpret it as, "Hoo-ey, she must be hot to get such a young guy."

maeve said...

Oh, my goodness, this is a recurring theme in my life. People ask me these questions every day.....are you looking to marry again??? I just turned seventy. I know I'm a young seventy but, yikes, a marriage??? Not! And I'm perfectly happy with the social time I spend with my women friends who are a wonderful support system. My line is that "marriage has no redeeming social value". Not anymore and not for me. (I'm almost 8 years out and haven't changed my mind.)

debinca said...

TMI is right! a major over-share. Lord almighty. not much decorum there at all. , ..I have thought about dating again at my age, but always shudder at the thought of introducing RAD into another innocent persons life. ( sigh)

Zaina Marie said...
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