Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Cold War

There are people who live here who believe I am unreasonable because I expect them to sweep the kitchen and driveway, run the vacuum, unload the dishwasher, put clean laundry away in the dresser and not on the floor where it can be walked on, and pick up their rooms.

These same people get an allowance, and they have more spending money than I do.

The other day, after I asked Kiki to unload the dishwasher, and she shrieked that I was mean, after I told Rocky to go out and sweep the driveway and two minutes later found him riding his bike (the broom was an obstacle to be steered around), and after I asked Nita to empty the wastebaskets and was rewarded with an ugly face and attitude to match, I decided I had enough. The reminders and requests for chores have stopped. Their dad and I have taken over the work again.

And what is interesting is that the kids completely stopped doing their regular chores and have accepted this sudden vacation as their due--mom and dad SHOULD do all the work.

Now, before you berate me for being a servant to my children, let me tell you that Saturday is Judgment Day. That day, when the kids remind their dad that it is payday, he is going to say, "What did you do to earn it?" And then he and I are going out for milkshakes that evening...because we now have more spending money.


debinca said...

Love it, cant wait to hear about the milkshake date night!!!

Reminds me of the time we went out for Burger king without dd, and never mentioned it, she found the wrappers in the trash and had a fit.

HMM what was she doing looking in the trash you ask???

Beats me, looking for clues, she did that constantly as a little kid.

TobyBo said...

judgment day, LOL