Wednesday, July 9, 2008

There is a Maori proverb which says, "Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you." Maybe this is the reason I like early mornings.

Even as a teenager, I didn't sleep in. I believe the latest I have ever slept has been about 10:30, and this was after staying up until three or four in the morning.

Yesterday I didn't do too much: got a haircut, bought new curtains, washed some windows, emailed a new employee, sat by the pool while the kids swam, cooked supper, took Rocky to scouts, picked up a few groceries, did some laundry, visited my mom. So, today I woke up at four and got up at five. This gives me time alone, if you don't count the rabbit mooching a snack by standing on his hind legs and pitifully staring at me, nose weakly wiggling, and the dog who keeps sighing in exasperation because he thinks breakfast sounds like a plan and I obviously don't.

I am always amazed at the term "daybreak." Day doesn't break--it eases us back to consciousness and our lives, gently and almost imperceptably. It is as if anything less serene would scare us back into hibernation, much like Punxatawney Phil and his shadow. I like to be present when dawn brings us back from sleep--to experience a sweet, quiet transition back to the world.

It is just now getting light and the birds are waking, calling, and in a bit, I will go out on the porch and absorb some of the early part of the day. Then I will start in again with my life: investigating who took one battery out of my flashlight, wiping spills, feeding pets, doing laundry, running kids to music lessons, mediating arguments, preparing lesson plans, planning meals, paying bills, all the things which seem to suck the essence of ME out of myself. I will once again become Mom and Wife and Daughter and Employee. But right now, for just a few more minutes, I am alone with myself and the morning.

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