Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Progressive Dinner

It is dark today because it is storming.

Early this morning, I put a chicken in the crockpot and left it to cook all day.

Rocky just walked in and asked me if we were having anything with the chicken.

I asked him if I ever served a roast with nothing else, or steak with no side dishes, or baked fish on the plate by itself.

He said, "No. So, are we having anything with the chicken?"

Consequently, because of his concern and despite it being only four thirty, I sent his sister downstairs for some rice to serve with the chicken.

Rocky is happy now.

I finally realized that he has some basis for his concern. I do not cook by the clock. My mother used to time the meal so it was ready at six o'clock and on the table by 6:05 p.m. However, since EG works evenings, I am pretty relaxed about timing my meal. It could be served any time between five thirty and eight o'clock, depending on the day and what else is going on. The dogs, though, eat between six and six thirty each night, but they are more insistent and less inclined to snack.

Two weeks ago, I got the meat done, but the side dish was not ready by the time we had to leave for boy scouts. Rocky ate in installments that evening, kind of a progressive dinner but all at one house.

So, I guess Rocky has some basis for his concern because his mom is not motivated to see he gets a healthy, nutritious meal to fuel him through his boy scout meeting.

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