Saturday, December 26, 2009

The day after

This was a lovely, peace-filled, quiet holiday celebration this year, the kids refraining from fighting (perhaps because Nita slept a good part of the day), with a visit from our friend Nora, a person who brings out the best in the kids.

After Nora left, my sister stopped in, and we ate pancakes and sausage, our postponed breakfast, and then we took Harry out with us in the car and looked at the Christmas lights, voting for the best and worst, giving titles such as "festive," "bought the various pieces on sale over the years," "Snoopy's doghouse," "Tasteful Suburban," "Well, at least they tried," and the clear winner of the lack of design award, "Would have to be firebombed if we lived across the street." This particular display consisted of the multilevel roof outlined in six different light colors and types, the garage in three different colors and types, all asynchronously flashing on and off with different timers, and various inflatibles, plastic figurines, and light displays below, including a manger with disproprotionately large lighted animated reindeer flanking the sides, a Burl Ives Snowman presiding benevolently over the scene.

We came home, the kids went off to bed and went to sleep almost immediately, and EG and I followed soon after.

It was a nice day, abundant with peace.

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