Monday, December 28, 2009

Eight-eyed Freak

Yesterday was quiet and restful. We watched a movie about the Danish resistance to Nazi occupation and ate homemade pizza. We talked and laughed and rested.

This morning, I am cleaning the basement in installments and listening to the girls, who need something to do, squabble. I just told Kiki, "Stay out of her room unless you want her to go in your room."

I just told Nita, "Stop calling each other 'eight eyed freak.'"

Things are back to normal.


Anita said...

Squabble...I know that word. And I've seen it in action a few times today. :) Hope I make it until Jan. 4

Munchkin Mom said...

LOL. DH said he might be hitting the Scotch quite heavily by then.

Anita said...

Big LOL!