Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Strange peace

This last hour has been so peaceful, a word which we don't use much to describe the climate around here. After a morning of us all pitching in to clean for Christmas, I have been fussing around on the internet, Rocky is playing a hand-held game, Kiki is writing in her journal, and Nita is conked out on the sofa, waiting for yet another doctor's appointment. All the symptoms from nearly two weeks ago are back. Maybe it really is a bladder infection. The pets are all napping after a big morning of ball play, and even the bunnies are resting.

We won't be going to our regular doctor, as he is out sick as well, so we have to educate yet another MD about her symptoms. I may scream.

I haven't been sleeping well this week, knowing I was going to have my annual review at work, and knowing that my distractedness this year was not going to reflect well on said review. Then, even though the review wasn't as bad as I had dreaded, I didn't sleep Monday night, and then Nita woke me this morning early, telling me she had gotten sick in her bed. I tucked her in with us, and then couldn't get back to sleep. We were going to have EG's birthday celebration today, but instead we are having CORD, standing for Clean Out Refrigerator Day, a fancy name for leftovers.

So this peace today is doubly welcome--I can feel my blood pressure dropping, and my breathing deepen, and while I am enjoying it, I am also wondering just how to get more of it as well.

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