Friday, December 4, 2009

Periodic Table

Yesterday, Kiki was helping Nita with her homework, which consists of Kiki pompously lecturing everyone within earshot about the "realities" of eighth grade.

Initially, she was regaling Nita with tales of painful torture devices and mind-numbing acts of cruelty, but now she mostly talks about the more mundane (and less frightening) activities of the day. Nita eats it up, obviously storing these nuggets of wisdom so she can be the maven of middle school.

In a rare moment of generosity, Kiki asked Nita what she had covered in school that day. Nita replied, "We learned about the periodic table of the elephants."

Kiki was, for once, speechless. In the moments of silence which followed, I was picturing a huge poster with Dumbo, Jumbo, Babar, and Horton. Snorky from the Banana Splits. And what about those Heffalumps from the Pooh cartoons? Would they qualify? And wooly mammoths, of course. After all, they started the whole thing.


Anita said...

I feel the love. :)
It nice to hear that the girls are happily engrossed in the history of the elephant, even with some Dumbo visualizing from Mom.

Munchkin Mom said...

How are you?

Anita said...

I'm okay...thank you. Getting ready to do the remainder of the Christmas shopping.
Wish me luck! And a blessing or two. :)

TobyBo said...

you know, she is probably exactly right... a friend sent me a copy of that table after I blogged about my DD's chemistry class...