Sunday, December 13, 2009

Magnum Pretty Irritating

Today it is cold, in the thirties, and rainy and gray. EG and Kiki went to church early to sing at the early Mass, and Nita and Rocky and I are joining them at noon, when EG cants. We had a quiet morning, as quiet as it ever gets around here, with dogs yapping and cats galloping, and constant water use monitoring, to prevent An Unfortunat Septic Issue.

Just now, I sent Rocky to get dressed for church. He came back in a short-sleeved Hawaiian shirt, a la Tom Selleck, only tucked into his tightly belted pants, with the shirt buttoned up to the neck. All he needed was a pocket protector and calculator in his belt--Magnum meets the Big Bang Theory.

"Ack!" I said. "Do you ever look in a mirror?" Nita went out of the room, giggling hysterically.

"Yessss," he said hesitantly, completely missing that I was being rhetorical, as I know he looks in the mirror, practicing for that highly anticipated day when he gets to kiss a particular girl in his class, who according to Kiki is a real doll and most likely has no idea he has designs on her.

"Go change," I said for the umpteenth thousandth time in his life. "Wear something long sleeved; it's thirty-some degrees." He has numerous sweaters and long-sleeved shirts, which he is apparently saving for a day when it is eighty degrees.

So he comes back in his oldest long-sleeved shirt because I didn't specify exactly that it should be long sleeved AND church appropriate. "Um, what happened to all the good long-sleeved shirts I gave you?"

"They're in my closet," he said reasonably. "I like to trade off." With what, the Hawaiian shirt? Alternating between the people of WalMart and a luau?

I give up. At least this one has all its buttons.

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